Steve Dean

A System-Agnostic Fantasy RPG Adventure for Low-Level Characters
A system-agnostic fantasy adventure for table-top RPGs.
An RTS Game By Steve Dean
System-Agnostic Adventure Ideas for Fantasy RPG
Fantasy, Modern Day and Futuristic Adventure Hooks For RPGs
A single-player game about a marten cleaning up the forest.
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A System-Agnostic Science Fiction Dungeon Crawl
A System-Agnostic Study of Elementals for Fantasy RPGs
Ideas for Short Encounters and Scenarios for Sci-Fi RPGs
A simple scenario to be used as an introduction to roleplaying.
Ideas for Short Encounters and Scenarios for Fantasy RPGs
A short poem made from my game design document for the "Poem Ham Now" Jam
A single-player game inspeired by the classic game Space Invaders
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Ideas for encounters and scenarios for use in fantasy RPGs
A System-Agnostic Table-top RPG Scenario For Fantasy Games
A system-agnostic RPG setting.
A fantasy world setting for table-top RPGs, including D&D.
Art inspired by the great Piet Mondrian
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A single-player puzzle platform type game.
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A screen saver with a serious message.
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A simple visual representation of layers in use in Gdevelop
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A single-player survival defensive type game.
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Sliders and other number generators for GDevelop
Two-player Shooter
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Ploo! A Game for Two!
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