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Planets and Aliens RPG is a science fiction table-top roleplaying dungeon crawl set in an area of space called 'The Anomaly'. This solar-system-sized area is fully enclosed so no light can leave it, but physical objects can enter. Whoever created it is long gone, but they left behind many strange structures, and a robot army of caretakers. Anyone who tries to damage any part of the Anomaly will activate this protection and be vapourised in seconds. Other alien races have also discovered the Anomaly, and they too wish to learn its secrets. The Anomaly has no interest in what these races do to each other. 

Also included here is the first adventure within the world of P and A. It's a simple and quite easy introduction. More will follow. There's no map, mainly because I'm no artist. The layout is pretty simple anyway, but if people ask for a map I'll see about getting one done by a professional artist.

And now includes the first seven parts of the campaign, with more to follow.


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PlanetsAndAliensV1.6.pdf 386 kB
PlanetsAndAliensAOne.pdf 247 kB
PlanetsAndAliensATwo.pdf 251 kB
PlanetsAndAliensAThree.pdf 251 kB
PlanetsAndAliensAFour.pdf 252 kB
PlanetsAndAliensAFive.pdf 251 kB
PlanetsAnd AliensASixChOne.pdf 267 kB
PlanetsAnd AliensASixChTwo.pdf 268 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASixChThree.pdf 266 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASixChFour.pdf 264 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASevenChOne.pdf 271 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASevenChThree.pdf 259 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASevenChTwo.pdf 261 kB
PlanetsAnd AliensASevenChFour.pdf 258 kB
PlanetsAndAliensASevenChFive.pdf 259 kB
PlanetsAndAliensAdventureOne.pdf 263 kB

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New version uploaded - minor corrections.