A single-player game in which you defend the planet against Invaders from space, who have returned to Earth to reap their revenge on a distracted Humanity.

The game involves the player taking control of the only defence humans have against the Invaders, a multi-spectrum shield that must be constantly tuned to be effective against specific Invader attacks.

This very simple game was originally created for NexZen Studios GDevelop Game Jam. Which is why there's no sound, or explosions, and it might not be free of bugs, but otherwise I hope you enjoy it!


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Development log


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I created this game for NexZen Studios GDevelop jam, using the GDevelop engine, obviously.

I made it within the time of the jam, but ran out of time to add sounds and explosions, and any polish, and it didn't get a lot of play-testing either.  I did try to make it playable by those who have trouble with colours, so if you have any feedback on how well I did, I'd appreciate it.

Let me know what you think if you do try it. 

This is all my own work, except the idea, which is from the creators of Space Invaders. You youngsters might need to google it. 


I am Harsh Raj Singh Ania from NexZen Studios. 

I have tested your game on Android and found that you can't control the game on Android due to no on screen controls. 

But I have also tried your game on Pc and I liked it. 

Fix that bug, update the game and tell me and I will make a game play video of your game crediting you and I will share it on YouTube.  (I don't have enough subscribers (50-60 subscribers)). 

Thank You


Glad you liked my game. I plan to improve the game over time, depending on how busy I am.  I'll certainly let you know when it's done. 

Sorry you didn't get more entries to your jam. GDevelop is a great engine, ideal for jams I'd say.



thanks for your reply