AutoFixx Version 3.0

I've just uploaded a new version of AutoFixx. I'm calling it version 3, but it's just a few minor revisions like adding a quit screen. This is accessed by pressing q while playing, and it will give you the option of restarting the level, exiting to the menu, or returning to the current game. You can also use it as a pause button.

I think I've got the functions I want for now, so I'm going to be adding new levels of more fiendish complexity! I don't want to add any more controls, I feel there are enough, so I just need to think of clever ways to use the ones already present, possibly in new and exciting combinations. 

I'll keep you all updated, and please let me know if you find a bug.


autofixv3.AppImage 48 MB
Feb 25, 2019
autofixxv3.exe 35 MB
Feb 25, 2019 Play in browser
Feb 25, 2019

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