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could you add the option to mute the game? (that way one can still listen to music while playing as the sfx are very loud)

Hello SkyCharger. Thanks for the suggestion.

That's a good idea. I'll add a mute function into the next version.



I've updated this game from version 1 to version 2. There are two new levels, and there are now more functions, including a horn for scaring aliens and the ability to push and pull suitable objects.

what are the controls (beyond left/right)?

The controls are shown on the controls screen,  the blue icon with the sliding levers.

Basically A = left D = Right. R to repair, O to open C to close doors. L for Lift (Elevator) M for Magnet and N for reverse magnet.

The Game will hold your level progress as long as you don't restart it. As I add more levels I'll put in a Save function.

Here's my latest game, as you can see it's a big improvement on my previous stuff. More time has been spent on it, and more skill I think! I'm going to be adding extra levels as time permits.